Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 13:24:53 -0800
Subject: Apple Web Sites
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This is the most complete listing of Apple's Web sites that I've seen, so I thought I'd pass it along to you.


Apple's Public Web Sites

By Holli Kearns
(crude HTML formatting by Jim Dempsey)

Apple Computer, Inc. maintains a number of independent public Internet sites. Many of them are indexed from the main Apple Web Page ( However, this article attempts to provide a more comprehensive listing of sites, including those not linked to other sites.

This information is accurate as of the modification February 13, 1996. All URLs are verified once monthly, but, as with everything on the Internet, they and their content are subject to change.

Apple Worldwide

Apple Computer Home Page

Global entry point for the Apple Web servers. Includes corporate information, press releases, employment opportunities, investor information, and how to contact Apple.

Apple Americas

* Apple USA Support and Information Web

Complete support and product information, including Apple Software Updates, the searchable Technical Information Library, and product data sheets for Apple hardware products.

Apple Software Updates, the Technical Information Library, and other product information, including the archives of Macintosh related Usenet News groups.

* Apple Canada

For Apple's customers and developers in Canada--product datasheets, Apple Canada contact information and more.

* Apple Latin America

An overview of Apple's Latin American region.

Apple Pacific

* Apple Asia

* Apple Japan

* Apple Australia

* Apple New Zealand

Apple Europe

The front door for all European countries and regions, with pointers to Internet sites for specific countries in Europe, including the following:

* Apple Benelux

* Apple Germany

* Apple Italy

* Apple Norway

* Apple Switzerland

Apple Product Information

Contains information about current Apple products with links to the
following sites:

AppleFacts Online

Apple product sheets.

Apple Presentations

Sales presentations for new products and technologies.
Apple Fact Sheets and Brochures

Summary information on various Apple technologies, including:

Competitive Information

Apple Competitive Information

Comparing the Macintosh with PCs running Windows 3.1.

The Macintosh Advantage

Comparing the Macintosh with PCs running Windows '95.

Customer Support Information

Contains links to the following support areas:

Apple Tech Info Library

Apple's official technical support database. It contains over 12,000 articles on all aspects of Apple products, past and present. It is updated daily with new information. This is the same technical support database used by Apple support staff, world-wide.

Ask Apple Tech Support FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers, compiled by the Ask Apple, USA online technical support team. Ask Apple, USA is online technical support offered exclusively on eWorld.

Support Professional Solution Series

Apple's cross-platform compatible support solution, addressing the entire technical support cycle from "support readiness" to response.

Apple Software Library
The latest Apple software updates from

The Information Alley

Apple's bimonthly electronic journal, filled with the latest information on using and supporting Apple products.

Apple Fax Technical Support Catalog

The same files that are available on the automated FaxBack system at

Upgrade Card Installation Guides

Step-by-step installation guides for adding user installable upgrade
cards to your Macintosh.

Apple e-Mail Mailing Lists

Join any of the official Apple e-mail mailing lists, which include:

Apple Assistance Center

Information about the Apple Assistance Center (800-SOS-APPL).

Apple Solution Professionals Network (ASPN)

Download the latest directory of consultants who specialize in Apple Macintosh solutions.

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