Larry's Party

On 13 March, Susan Bernstein and I organized a party in honor of our good friend Larry Denenberg, who is leaving BBN after 12 years to join the startup InTouch Systems.

Since Cameron Claussen couldn't make the party from Colorado, we decided to document the party in photographs for her. I borrowed an Apple QuickTake 100 from the BBN Education department and shot some pictures. Here they are. They are unedited and in chronological order. You can click on the small pictures to see larger images.

If you are interested in why some of these look dark on your PC or UNIX machine, read about gamma correction and monitors here or here . Since I produced these images on a Macintosh, they look good there. If you don't have a Macintosh, why not?

Here is some of the food including the giant fortune cookie that Cameron sent.

Here are Susan Coombs' kids wishing Larry a "HPPY LARRY" as I'm sure we all do!


Bob Pyle
Bob Pyle takes a break from building horns to hobnob with Net Analysis.

adv-dev stuff
Here is some old adv-dev paraphenalia including the "tombstone" of building 20 nametags, a custom Designer T-Shirt, a DesigNet(sm) screen shot and a group photo of Network analysis.

gerry and stephen
Gerry and Stephen. (N.B. It is not jjd in the background. I don't have a beard!)

Peg signs one of Larry's cards.

JR and Fred Serr discuss JR rejoining BBN in order to work on the Milnet follow-on contract.

no beard
In case you haven't seen larry in a while, please note that it is Larry in this picture without a beard. I'm sure Larry is here trying to encourage JR and Andy Latto to shave their beards off.

Susan and A-M wish they had some photographs to put in this photo album.

The Giant Fortune Cookie from Cameron gets opened.

larrys fortune
Larry reads his fortune and is enlightened.

John Zinky talking with Bob and Gerry.

fjh and ezf
Frederick Hirsch and Ed Frankenberry arrive. Too bad the flash from this camera doesn't reach more than 9 feet.

ezf and fjh

jjd and scoombs
Someone grabbed the camera from me and took my picture with Susan.

susan left
Susan Coombs discusses Larry's Lisp programming style to the group.

susan right
Susan talks about how Larry comments the code. Larry is surprised there were any comments!

Susan saying nice things about dear, departed Larry. RIP.

I hope those of you that couldn't make the party enjoyed this "virtual" party. I had fun doing it.

Jim Dempsey

Last modified 14 March 1996