BBN Network Analysis Group -- Digitized NAG Artifacts

mugDo you have your connection to the DDN?
buttonsA collection of BBN-related buttons I had on my tackboard. My favorite is the "I heart UNIX as supported by BBN Computer", but I'm sure everyone else likes the "Flying Blind" set.
faded-arpanet-mapI had this ARPAnet map on my tackboard for much of my BBN tenure. I have a non-faded one somewhere, but somehow this seems appropriate now.
bbn-ai-ad-1024A bunch of us Designer developers posed for this HR ad trying to get more AI researchers at BBN. Look closely and find Jjd, scoombs, slb, larry, fwhite, alatto as well as our friends from Labs: Frank Heart, Bruce Roberts, Ed Walker, Albert Boulanger, Richard Shapiro, Don Allen.
Parking StickerYou never know when you might need an original BBN parking sticker.
net-analysis-tools-lispmThe entire tools group gathered around a lisp machine on the sixth (?) floor of building 20.
net-analysis-toolsTools group outside.
net-analysis-designerThe team that brought you Designer, known in some shady circles as DesigNET.
net-analysis-ddaThe team that build DDA, the Datascope Debugging Assistant.
net-analysis-db-statsThis was the database statistics group. What's up with these guys?
net-analysis-ant-teamThe Automated Network Troubleshooter (ANT) team. Where's Stephen?
net-analysis-ant-88An earlier (1988?) version of the ANT team?
slb-officeEven though this is after she left net-analysis (and joined the BBN Internet Products Group), slb needed to be here since she wasn't in any of the other tools group pictures.
Fearless LeaderOur Fearless Leader was featured on the cover of the 1983 Annual Report. Look at all that math on the board! Did he write it?
1984 DemoWe set up a lisp machine downtown at the annual meeting of BBN shareholders. Was that when the company began its decline?
articleDesigner made the press. We got a lot of mileage out of that article.

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