BBN Network Analysis Reunion Party

Jeff Mayersohn's house, Wellesley, MA
Sunday, 23 May 2004

Thanks to everyone for organizing and coming to the reunion! It seemed that everyone had a great time. Special thanks to our hosts for being so gracious.

Click here to see the photographs fserr and jjd took at the reunion. If you don't like my pictures, see my lame excuses. Please note that unlike the rest of these pages, these photographs are stored on my home server and my upstream bandwidth is limited to 128kbps, so it might be a little slow.

new Here is a nicely edited video taken at the reunion by Josh Seeger. You will definitely want to see this if you didn't make it to the reunion. Download here  A copy on a slower server (15MB, Quicktime required.)

Here is the original invitation.
Status message from 19 Apr 2004.
Status message from 16 May 2004.

Directions to the party have been put on the news page.

Net-Analysis News!!!

What have people been up to since ye olde net-analysis days of yore? Click here to find out!
(You'll need a username [our fearless leader's first name] and a password [our fearless leader's spouse's first name]. All lowercase.)

Historic Stuff

Here is a collection of Digitized NAG Artifacts. If you have any of your own, bring them to the party!

Here is the famous, recently screened at the reunion, NAG Movie starring Irvin, Lynnell, Stan, Juan, Kathyrn and Zinky. Wow.

Here are some pictures from the 1997 fun-filled net-analysis party.

Click for larger image    (Why am I not in this picture? -jjd)

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